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Soul Circus

A musical challenge to make self-esteem issues fun

We sing and teach original a cappella music supporting positive thinking and good everyday mental health.  A musical challenge to make self-esteem issues fun!!! 


Staff background

Amongst our group of facilitators we have very experienced workshop leaders of over 20 years, a meditation teacher and a community choir leader.  Our facilitators have worked with many community groups spanning all age ranges both with music, singing and self-esteem promoting positive mental health whilst having as much fun as possible. 

Comprised of completely original material and includes a wealth of community outreach and involvement.  Our central song "I am the treasure" has been taught to several local community choirs, Cascade Addicts Recovery Choir, and to some local primary schools as well as being workshopped at this year's International Women's Day event at The Dome. This is our third year running workshops for International Women’s Day at Brighton Dome. We have also facilitated an enrichment week activity over a school week for Dorothy Stringer High School, Brighton. We are highly entertaining and thought provoking as well as encouraging good mental health practice! We aim to be as inclusive as possible and to reach anyone who is struggling with mental health issues (who isn't?).  In a nutshell we would like to invite the "whole village" for a lot of fun round the "camp-fire" and some deep thinking thrown in!

Our Work
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